I Build


My mission is to help people achieve great things together online.


My Approach


I started building online communities in 2000. Wrote a master’s thesis about their architecture and dynamics.


I have co-founded and joined three software companies. Worked with up to 35 designers and developers daily.


I have brought a monthly audience from thousands to millions of people, and grown monthly sign-ups of key members by 10x.


I have driven to a new company 1,000+ paying customers and hundreds of thousands of revenue (USD) in its first 9 months.


I started building online communities in 2000. I have co-founded and joined at an early stage three software companies since 2011. Companies have had up to 50 employees, and operations in New York, Helsinki and Singapore.

I’m a seasoned C-level startup executive who has built teams on multiple continents. I drive revenues by acquiring and retaining customers. I oversee software at the intersection of customers, designers, developers and marketers.

I have worked on communities of dozens of businesses and thousands of consumers around the world. Businesses have been mobile game developers, magazines, newspapers, TV channels and radio stations. Professional sports leagues, book publishers, universities, spas and hotels.

What Drives Me

People thrive when they work together towards a common goal. Communities are the best way to create dedicated cooperation. I'm most passionate about learning, well-being and entrepreneurship communities.


How can I help?